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Common Council  
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Common Council Proceeding

Common Council Chambers

City Hall

Cohoes, New York   12047











May 27, 2008, 7:00 p.m.





$    Roll Call

$    Approve minutes of April 22, 2008, meeting

$    Public hearing regarding Local Law No. 2-I for the Year 2008

$    Local Law No. 2-I - Amend Charter with respect to appointment and term of City Clerk

$    Resolution No. 13 - Appointment of City Clerk

$    Resolution No. 14 - Amend annual budget

$    Resolution No. 15 - Approve application of the Capital District Community Gardens for funds for the Street Tree Planting Program

$    Resolution No. 16 - Authorize Revocable License for use of City property

$    Resolution No. 17 - Authorize Treasurer to delete charges paid, in full, prior to re-levy, regarding a certain parcel of real property

$    Resolution No. 18 - Designate City’s proposed Zoning Chapter Revision as a Type I Action and declare Lead Agency

$   Ordinance No. 5 - Amend Chapter 239 of the Code regarding solid waste


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