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Tuesday, October 22, 2013- 7:00 P.M.
Regular Meeting
Common Council Chambers
At 7:00 PM, Mayor Primeau led in the Pledge of Allegiance
Roll call was taken:
PRESENT:      Mayor Primeau                                   EXCUSED:     NONE
Council Vice President Nolin
Council Member Kennedy
Council Member Turcotte
Council Member Ceccucci
Council Member Signoracci
Council Member Kennedy made a MOTION to approve the minutes from September 24, 2013 Common Council meetings.  Council Member Turcotte seconded the motion.  All members voted “AYE”.  The motion passed.
Council Vice President Nolin, and Council Members Kennedy, Turcotte, Ceccucci, and Signoracci introduced Resolution No. 32 for 2013
Mayor Primeau, “We spoke about this at the work shop; Amy Ross from Bergman conducted a presentation.”
Council Member Turcotte, “I would just say that I think it is a great thing, we have had plans like this before, and we have following them for the last 10-15 years”.
A roll call vote was taken, Council Vice President Nolin, and Council Members Kennedy, Turcotte, Ceccucci, and Signoracci voted “AYE”.  Resolution No. 32 for the year 2013 passed. 
Council Vice President Nolin, and Council Members Kennedy, Turcotte, Ceccucci, and Signoracci introduced Resolution No. 33 for 2013
A roll call vote was taken, Council Vice President Nolin, and Council Members Kennedy, Turcotte, Ceccucci, and Signoracci voted “AYE”.  Resolution No. 33 for the year 2013 passed.  Budget transfers are attached.
George Hebert, 40 Masten Ave., “I read in the Times Union today, about the storm water situation in the region again.  The Authority wants to possible rebuild the two treatment plants in Rensselear and Menands.  They also want to increase storage of the wastewater in vaults.  The amount of money involved will be considerable.  How does the authority determine the rates? And why do we not have regular map to locate the catch basins for when flooding occurs.  These should show us where all of the city’s catch basins are”.
Mayor Primeau, “This is just one of the reasons we have gotten involved with the Coalition.  The numbers will hopefully benefit the city.  We are looking to get a camera to go into the sewer lines where we have problems, a grinder to attach to the jet vac to grind up some roots in the problem areas.  I will look into getting a map, but my understanding is that we do have one.”
Larry White, 111 Central Ave., “Ever since I have moved in, I have been working on pushing back the encroachments that happened at some time in the past against my property.  It is interfering with my use of it.  I have been successful up to a point, but not successful in some other areas.  I have tried to be as nice, legal, and diplomatic as I could.  I feel, because I am a new property owner, I should have the same rights as any other property owner in the City.  I am confused as far as my work, to get a couple of these areas fixed without any results up to this point”.
Council Member Turcotte, “What are the encroachments?”
Larry White, “Parking primarily.”
Council Member Turcotte, “People are parking on your property?”
Larry White, “No not on my property, they are blocking my driveway.  Motor vehicle law gives the property owner three lanes out of their driveway.  I am only being given one lane.  It is not sufficient.  I have discussed this with the Mayor; I have discussed this with the Traffic Commission, and have gotten no satisfaction.  Also, my property has frontage on Bleeker St., where my garage and driveway are.  The City is allowing parking on Bleeker, which makes the Street unsafe to use.  You can’t have cars safely travel this street without a head on collision at some point.  This is why I am parking on Central Avenue until it is fixed.  The City is going to be liable for these accidents.” 
Mayor Primeau, “You approached me a month or two before you purchased this home, I told you if there were any problems to go before the Traffic Commission.  I guess you did, and they found no problems.  I will say, I was born and brought up in that area, and there was never a problem.  The people that live in this area are good, kind people.  The big problem you have was your trailer.  I told you, if you approached your neighbors and talked to them, they would be happy to move so you can maneuver into your driveway.  This is the same all over the City, the streets are narrow and there are many cars per family.  I have tried to steer you in the right direction, but I can’t resolve the issue that you are creating.”
Larry White, “You are acknowledging that my driveway is blocked, but telling me I need to go to my neighbors to gain access to my driveway?”
Mayor Primeau, “This is absolutely incorrect, what I am telling you is that you should have no problem bringing your trailer in and out of there, if you do, and you feel more comfortable, you have the option of going to your neighbors and ask them to move.  I have taken a car out of there with a tow truck and did not have a problem with a car parked there.  It is the same with a trailer.”
At 7:30 PM with no further public comment being made, Council Member Turcotte made a MOTION to adjourn into Executive Session to discuss a personnel matter.  Seconded by Council Member Signoracci.  All members voted “AYE”.  The motion passed.
                                                                                                            Lori A. Yando, City Clerk

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